Marine Energy Ethos Campaign

BrandingGraphic Design

The Marine Corps has invested nearly $1 billion in energy efficiency and renewable energy efforts since FY2003, but almost all of that addresses technology. Still not meeting their energy goals, the Corps realized that the behavior of energy users is another essential piece of the puzzle. The Marine Energy Ethos campaign is designed to guide Marines and Unit Energy Managers on installations to develop awareness and acceptance of energy efficiency efforts and behavior, and promote adoption and ownership of the Energy Ethos.

2015 Energy Action Month posters
The infographics have been used to show the energy ethos impact in client meetings, newsletters and social media.
The “Did you know” posters were distributed as part of our Energy Action Month efforts to Marine Corps installations to be hung around installations facilities. The posters peaked interest by using an impactful statistic and provided a simple energy-saving action.  
2014 Energy Action Month posters
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