Infographic created for Department of the Navy's Great Green Fleet Initiative to showcase how Energy Conservation Measures (alternative energy and energy efficient technologies and operating systems) boost combat effectiveness, maximize strategic options, and better protect Sailors and Marines.
Navy's Great Green Fleet logo (continuation of the Navy Energy brand)
Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus at the Great Green Fleet ceremony in San Diego.
Navy Energy Security and Navy Energy Logos
Dept of the Navy Energy security logo designed for the first F/A-18 Green Hornet fueled by a 50/50 blend of biofuel.
The newly branded Green Hornet was used as a backdrop for speeches by both President Obama and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.
U.S. Navy: Energy, Environment and Climate Change Website
Navy Energy Coins: Vice Admiral Cullom's Personal Coins
various Navy logos
Navy Energy Strategic Plan 2010
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Navy Energy and Environment Kid's Corner
Kid's Fun Pages and Website
Navy Energy and Environment Kid's Corner
Kid's Fun Pages
2012 Navy Energy Exhibit Booth
2010 Navy Energy Exhibit Booth
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