Interactive Table Display:
The interactive pdf displayed 32 examples of U.S. involvement in the GEO Work Program. This economic approach (compared to a touch table) received much favorable feedback, and acted as the greatest overall resource according to attendees. Attendees spend an average of five minutes at the table.
Postcard Display: Designed six distinct postcards of popular U.S. tourist attractions. Attendees were asked to fill out a postcard to suggest recommendations to the President-Elect regarding earth observations.
Voting Ballot: Designed a realistic voting ballot for attendees to vote for their favorite earth observations. The ballot and tally board worked in combination to create a compelling way for event attendees to support their favorite
USGEO programs and release some of the tension from election week. Metrics on the ballot submission were high throughout the engagement, with over 100 recorded ballots across many categories.

US Group on Earth Observations (USGEO)
The US Group on Earth Observations (USGEO), a division within the White House Office of Science and Technology, requested to highlight stories from the NASA Earth Directorate, Applied Sciences Program 2010 Annual Report. To highlight diverse USGEO program areas, a series of four brochures were created for the 2011 Group on Earth Observations International conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The brochures combine design elements from the 2010 Annual Report with the brand.

US Group on Earth Observations (USGEO)
Earth Apps Exhibits for USGEO Conference

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